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I am a field linguist. My linguistic interests center on variation at many levels: micro-variation, especially dialectal variation in morphosyntax, with a focus on case marking, as well as macro-variation, exploring reasons for the variation and how it is represented cross-linguistically. My research is primarily based on Sino-Tibetan with a focus on Himalayan languages. I am current exploring the role of social factors and contact languages in dialectal variation in Nubri (GRF Awarded 2020) and Bumthang (GRF awarded 2017) as well as case marking in other Tibetic varieties spoken in China. I also work on some of the minority dialects in Hong Kong

I am a Research Assistant Professor in the Dept of Chinese & Bilingual Studies at HK PolyU. I have a PhD in Linguistics from Stanford University, an MA from UCLA and a first class BA (Hons) from the ANU. 

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