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2023   Contact as an agent for dialectal grammatical microsystem variation. To be presented at the 26th Himalayan Linguistics Symposium. Paris, France. 4-6 September 2023


2023    Relative scenario split object marking in Nubri. Linguistics Society of America 98th Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, 5-8 January 2022


2023    Image and linguistic vitality in Hong Kong’s walled villages. Linguistics Society of America 98th Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, 5-8 January 2022


2022    Language practices and linguistic vitality in Nubri. Linguistics Society of Hong Kong Annual Research Forum 2022, 3 December 2022


2022    Language attitudes and linguistic vitality: Hong Kong and Nepal. 33rd Linguistics Society of Nepal Annual Meeting/ 36th South Asian Linguistics Association Annual Meeting. Madan Bhandari Memorial College, Kathmandu, Nepal, 26-29 November 2022


2022    On the productivity of differential object marking in Nubri. Invited participant, ANU Workshop on “Re-examining peripheral structures: Theoretical and empirical perspectives on linguistic ‘(un)productivity’. Invited participant Research School of Humanities and Arts, The Australian National University, Canberra. 18 November 2022.


2022    Nubri case variation. Invited speaker, UCSD Linguistics Fieldwork Working Group Seminar Series Invited speaker. 31 October 2022.


2022    Sino-Tibetan diaspora communities. Invited speaker, Stanford University Interactional Sociolinguistics Lab Seminar Series Invited speaker. Stanford University, CA. 5 October 2022.

2022    Teaching in the new millennium: Fostering research in the learning environment. Invited address, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chendgu, China. 27 May 2022.

2022    Teaching innovation plans: Devising a blended learning curriculum. CBS series on Excellence of Learning and Teaching 2021-2022. Invited contributor. Department of Chinese & Bilingual Studies, HK PolyU. 12 January 2022.


2021    Attitudes a key to vitality in Hong Kong’s minority dialects. Invited presentation. 54th International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages & Linguistics (ICSTLL54). Chengdu, China. October 2021 Invited speaker

2021    Linguistics in our daily lives. HKU Linguistics Society Inaugural Ceremony. 19 January 2021 Guest of Honour/Keynote presentation

2021    Towards an OT model of differential object marking in Nubri. Linguistics Society of Hong Kong Annual Research Forum 2020, 4 December 2021

2021    We are what we speak: Hong Kong’s disappearing dialects. North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics 33. Chicago. July 2021

2021    Variable case marking in Nubri Valley. Morphosyntactic Variation and Change in the 21st Century. Cambridge, UK. 17-18 March 2021


(2020) Tonal morphology in Nubri. Himalayan Linguistics Symposium 26. Paris. 2-3 September 2020 [postponed to September 2021]

2020    Identity as a key to vitality. Linguistics Society of Hong Kong Annual Research Forum 2020, 11 December 2020



2019    Semantic intransitivity and case licensing in Bumthang. With Mark Donohue. Linguistics Society of Hong Kong Annual Research Forum 2019, 7 December 2019

2019    A note on variation in the use of the ergative in Bumthang. With Mark Donohue. 40th Annual Conference of the Linguistic Society of Nepal, Tribhuvan University, Nepal. 26-27 November 2019

2019    Experimental approaches to syntax in the field. 52nd International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics (ICSTLL52). 24-26 June 2019. Sydney, Australia.

2019    Changing identity and linguistic practices in Nubri. Workshop on Bordering Tibetan Languages: Making and Marking Languages in High Asia. Sydney, Australia. Invited speaker. 27/6/2019

2019    Ergativity in Bumthang. With Mark Donohue.  25th Himalayan Linguistics Symposium (HLS25). 28-29 June 2019 Sydney, Australia.

2019    A comparison of linguistic minorities in Hong Kong and Nepal. University of  Chicago Workshop on Linguistic Minorities in Asia. Hong Kong. Keynote speaker. 23-24 March 2019


2018 Data-driven approaches to syntactic research. 3rd Asian Junior Linguistics Conference.13 October 2018, HKU.  Keynote presentation

2018    Differential object marking in Nubri. Southwest Jiaotong University workshop on Tibeto-Burman languages, Chengdu, Sichuan. 27 June 2018. Invited presentation.

2018    The status of minority dialects in Hong Kong. The University of Chicago Centre in Hong Kong. 23 May 2018. Invited lecture


2017    Case marking in Nubri. 38th Annual Conference of the Linguistic Society of Nepal, Tribhuvan University, 27 November 2017. 

2017    The phonetics and phonology of World Englishes. Masters Symposium invited lecture, Mahendra Ratna Campus, Tahachal, Tribhuvan University. 17 August 2017. Keynote/Plenary presentation


2017    On the notion of ergativity in Nubri. Workshop on the Tibetic languages of Nepal, Tribhuvan University. 17 April 2017. Invited speaker


2017     Case variability in Nubri. University of Chicago Workshop in Hong Kong CUHK, 17 March 2017. Invited speaker


2016 Towards an understanding of ergative case marking. Linguistic Society of Hong Kong Annual Research Forum 2016. 3-4 December 2016

2016 On ergative case in Himalayan languages. 37th Annual Conference of the Linguistics Society of Nepal. 26-27 November 2016.

2016 Researching language in Hong Kong. UCLA 50th Anniversary Conference. Los Angeles, 12-14 June 2016

2016 Urban fieldwork in Hong Kong. Documentary Linguistics: Asian Perspectives, 6-9 April 2016. Invited presentation


2016 Hong Kong's disappearing dialects: Shuilowa. We Are With You Project: Living on the water. 27 and 28 March 2016 [outreach]


2016 Hong Kong's changing linguistic landscape. TEDxYouth@THS, 29/1/16 [outreach]


2015 Differential argument marking in New Guinea. Linguistics Society of Hong Kong Annual Research Forum. University of Hong Kong. 5/12/15.


2015 Hong Kong's disappearing dialects. Invited address at the HKU AASU Linguistics Society High Table Dinner. 9/10/15


2015 Differential subject marking in Fore. Workshop on Variation and Asymmetries in Case Marking. ANU Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language. 31/7/15


2015 Quantifying language types: The case of HK English. School of English, Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea. Invited seminar


2015 Cantonese English or English Cantonese? The English Linguistics Society of Korea Annual Meeting. Hankuk University for Foreign Studies, Seoul, Korea. Keynote/Plenary presentation


2015 Linguistics in the 21st century: New approaches to linguistic problems. HKU Spring Symposium on the Science of Learning. HKU. Invited presentation


2015 Phonation in Fuzhou and Bumthang. HKU Tone Conference. The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. 

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