Language & Society: Undergraduate and Masters levels


Introduction to Linguistics, Language structure for Language Learning, Grammatical Description, Phonetics. 

Upper division UG courses:

Syntactic Theory, Experimental Syntax, Field Methods, Quantitative Research Methods, Advanced Topics in Syntax


Field Trip (Hong Kong (Waitauwa, Hakka, "Tanka"/Shuilo, Philippine) and overseas (Nepal: Rai, Nar, Gurung))

Postgraduate courses: 

Data-Driven Linguistic Analysis (MA), Research language in Hong Kong (MA), Directed Readings in Linguistics (MA), Research Methods in Linguistics (PhD), Research seminars in Linguistics (PhD). 



Morphology, Phonology, Sociolinguistics, Seminar on Case Theory, History of the English Language




Liao Hanbo. Historical development of tones in Tai. PhD, HKU, (-2021)

Melody Lu Wen. The morphosyntax of Tongxi Hui. PhD, HKU, 2019. Co-supervisor (with Stephen Matthews)


Dalan M. Perangin Angin. Language documentation and description of Pagu. PhD, HKU, 2017. Co-supervisor (with Kofi Yakpo)


WU Manxiang. A grammar of Sanjiang Kam (Dong). PhD, HKU, 2015. PhD Co-supervisor (with Stephen Matthews)


Kazuhiro Sakurai. The syntax and semantics of focus in Dagaare. PhD, HKU, 2014. PhD Co-supervisor (with Olivia Lam):


Stephanie Jiang, HKU. Ningbo dialect: Changing identifiers of a community. MA HKU 2016


Nathan Wofford, HKU. Hong Kong Cantonese vs Guangzhou Cantonese: A study of language attitudes in the Pearl River Delta. MA HKU 2016.


MA: Stella Wang. An acoustic tonetic study of Gan. MA, HKU, 2015.


Yoyo FONG Sin Yiu. Language attitudes and language loss: The case of Waitauwah. BA HKU 2015.


Tracy LAU Pui Ki. Tonal acoustics in Waitauwah. BA HKU 2015.


Amy WONG Yuen Yan. VOT: Cantonese vs. Waitauwah. BA HKU 2015.


Aimee Lawrence. Revisiting the Mirror Principle: Evidence from Quechua Modal Morphemes. BA (First class), UNR 2009. (subsequently graduated with a PhD from UT Austin)

Christine Gu, University of Chicago (2019; Nubri project and Dialects project)

Priscilla Lam, University of Edinburgh (2019; Dialects project)

Angela Xu, University of California, Los Angeles (2019; Dialects project)

Susie Xu Yifan, University of Chicago (2020)

Daniel Yuet Jiayuan., University of Chicago (2020)