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Donohue, Cathryn. 2013. Fuzhou tonal acoustics and tonology. (LINCOM Studies in Asian Linguistics 82). Munich: LINCOM Europa. [Available online at Lincom]


Donohue, Cathryn, Shunichi Ishihara and William Steed (eds). 2012. Quantitative approaches to problems in Linguistics (LINCOM Studies in Phonetics 08). Munich: LINCOM Europa. [Available online at LINCOM]



Select recent papers


Donohue, Cathryn. 2022. Changing identity and linguistic practices in Nubri: Veiled language endangerment in the Nepalese Tibetosphere. In Gerald Roche & Gwendolyn Hyslop (eds), Bordering Tibetan languages: Making and marking languages in Transnational High Asia. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. pp. 157-173. DOI 10.5117/9789463725040 _CH07


Donohue, Cathryn. 2020. Tonal morphology in Sama Nubri: Case marking and causative alternations. Studies in Language. DOI: 10.1075/sl.19074.don


Donohue, Cathryn. 2020. Optimal case marking in Fore. Oceanic Linguistics 56 (1/2): 91-115. DOI:10.1353/ol.2020.0007

Donohue, Cathryn. 2019. A preliminary sociolinguistic survey of Nubri Valley. Nepalese Linguistics 34: 10-17.


Donohue, Cathryn and Mark Donohue. 2019. Extended ergativity in Bumthang. Himalayan Linguistics 18(2): 57-72. 


Donohue, Cathryn and Mark Donohue. 2019. The complexity of tone in Sama Nubri. Nepalese Lingusitics 34: 18-25.

Donohue, Cathryn. 2018. Case marking in Nubri. In Nepalese Linguistics 33: 28-33.


Donohue, Cathryn. 2017. Tones and vowels in Fuzhou revisited. In Wolfgang Kehrein, Björn Köhnlein, Paul Boersma and Marc van Oostendorp (eds), Segmental Structure and Tone. Linguistische Arbeiten 552. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.


Donohue, Cathryn and Mark Donohue. 2016. On the ergative case in Bumthang. Language 92(1): 179-188.

Donohue, Cathryn. 2015. On variable auxiliary selection in Western Europe. Linguistic Research 32(2): 469-480. 

Donohue, Cathryn and Manxiang Wu. 2013. F0 and aspiration in Kam: Caught in the beginning? Proceedings of the International Conference on Phonetics of the Languages in China (ICPLC-13). Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong. 


Donohue, Cathryn. 2012. The role of contour and phonation in Fuzhou tonal identification. In Cathryn Donohue, Shunichi Ishihara and William Steed (eds), Quantitative approaches to problems in linguistics. Munich: LINCOM Europa. pp. 63-75. 


Donohue, Cathryn. 2011. Towards an understanding of dative objects in Basque: A logistic regression analysis. Morphology 21 (3-4): 487-497.


Donohue, Cathryn, and Mark Donohue. 2010. The case of possessors and subjects. Mercardo, Raphael, Eric Potsdam and Lisa Travis (eds). Austronesian Formal Linguistics (Linguistik Aktuell 167). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. pp. 103-116 


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